Air – Alone In Kyoto

I don’t reminisce about my college life. It was a largely uneventful and thoroughly chaotic phase of my life. But I’ve always enjoyed travelling to college. The lush greenery, the country roads, rows and rows of rubber trees, shade, light, villagers, winding paths. And when it rained, everything changed colours. The mossy green trees bent […]

Chandrama Sarkar/ILIVEINASQUARE ‎– Astro Temporalis

My taste in darkwave dark ambient music began with Dark Sanctuary. Les Mémoires Blessées was the first ever dark ambient album i listened to – beautiful melodic instrumental album. I found this album: Astro Temporalis unexpectedly while searching for a doom metal band. The album is dark and ritualistic. The raw sounds and the mantras […]

Another Time, Another Place (Chapter One)

I started listening to black metal bands in my late teenage. Like any other teenager, i was going through a tumultuous phase – hating and questioning every institutions and norms. Today my value system has changed. For good. But not my love for black metal bands – especially atmospheric ones. Lustre was formed by Henrik […]